Suspended 3D Tumorsphere Chip Using EzScope 101 Live Cell Imaging System

Application Note of EzScope 101 Live Cell Imaging System
Author: Hao-Hsiang Hsu



Use a self-made suspended tumorsphere chip to facilitate the formation of a 3D sphere which simulates tumor formation and may serve as a high-throughput drug screening system.




A tumorsphere chip was produced using a PMMA plate and laser cutter. Tumor cells were introduced and washed. The cells precipitated in a 1-mm pore at the bottom and would proliferate into a sphere in approximately 1-2 days.




Cells Just Introduced:

cells just introduced


12 hours:

12hr 3d tumorsphere chip


24 hours:

24hr 3d tumorsphere chip


The time-lapse video 


  • 10X objective lens
  • Capturing interval: 2 min
  • Replay frame rate: 10 fps


Original State of Cells: Human Ovarian Cancer Cell (HM-4)

human ovarian cancer cell


After the Experiment:

24hr 3d tumorsphere chip


Future Research Studies


Following tumorsphere formation, drugs can be directly introduced through the chip to observe cell response, serving as a drug screening platform, or a second cell can be introduced to envelop the tumorsphere, such as introducing brain epithelial cells to envelop a brain tumorsphere to simulate the blood-brain barrier.




EzScope 101 realizes prolonged live cell observation that was previously unavailable, allows observation within an incubator, and the built-in software provides sketching and calculation to save post-production time, making it a really convenient device.


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