EzDrop 1000 Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer

More than Just Speed

EzDrop 1000 Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer accelerates your research efficiency. It can complete the measurement of a sample concentration speedily in 3 seconds. EzDrop 1000 provides dynamic full-spectrum 190-1000 nm detection, while the sample window is equipped with Nano hydrophobic coating, ensuring highly accurate results. Coming with an intuitive operation screen, EzDrop 1000 makes each step fast and simple, helping you complete the measurement effortlessly.


Features and Benefits

Fast measurement in 3 seconds.

Fast measurement in 3 seconds.

The CV value of absorbance is < 1%

The CV value of absorbance is < 1%.

Comprehensive Operation Experience

● The built-in intuitive graphic interface is easy to use, and can be operated without extra computing equipment, saving space in the laboratory.
● Multiple built-in functions allow you to measure nucleic acids, proteins, cells and other samples with the touch of a button.
● The automated measuring function raises the speed and convenience of operation.
● The thoughtfully-designed assist light makes up for the lack of ambient light, and minimizes sample placement errors.

Quality Guaranteed

● A layer of Nano hydrophobic coating on the sample window ensures the formation of sample column.
● The replaceable sample window system greatly reduces the possibility of residual contamination.
● The CV value of absorbance is < 1%.
● The cushion design on the detection arm reduces impact, which in turn reduces error in experiments.