Thermal Cycler Temperature Validation System

TAS-System is a powerful thermal cycler temperature validation system that includes a control module with integrated real-time display, probe plates accommodating fixed or variable probes, and powerful PC software. It reliably analyzes data and automatically generates reports. To maximize flexibility and portability, the offering comes with eight variable probes, assists you to service customers better.


Features and Benefits

Simple, Quick Operation


Measures and analyzes thermal cycler temperature performance in under 10 minutes, the TAS-System allows for visual comparison from test to test and enables performance tracking over the lifetime of the thermal cycler.




As well as its standard fixed probe plate, the TAS-System is offered with a variable probe plate option. This utilizes individually interchangeable temperature probes that can be placed in any of its 96 well positions. Combined with leaded-probes, the variable probe plate offers yet further flexibility, becoming the ideal solution for testing of non-standard thermal cyclers.


Measurement Integrity


Each interchangeable TAS probe is uniquely identified, allowing for the automatic detection of probe position, the application of specific calibration data for each probe, and a calibration expiry warning when relevant.

TAS-System temperature logMulti-probe temperature acquisition system realizes rapid analysis and ensures high accuracy and uniformity.


  • 801-000000-00
  • TAS Probe 1 ea
  • 801-000001-00
  • TAS Extended Probe 1 ea
  • 801-000002-00
  • TAS 96 variable probe plate 1 ea
  • T01-000172-00
  • TAS system (TAS controller, TAS probe 8 ea, TAS reference probe 1 ea TAS variable probe plate 1ea, TAS Weight 1 ea, TAS Bellows 1 ea, Ribbon cable 1 ea, TAS PC Software 1 ea)



  • How many sensors are needed and where should they be placed?

    We recommend the use of six probes on our TurboCycler 2 or TurboCycler Lite. There are six thermal Peltier controlled areas, so we recommend the use of at least six probes, one placed at each thermal control area, for example, B2, B6, B11, G2, G6 and G11.

  • What limits should be used as an acceptable range for the study?

    This depends on the specifications of the instrument used.

  • What kinds of information does TAS provide?

    There are two ways to use this software:
    - For a temperature trace only, without any analysis. This can be used for annual calibration and the 3Q test.
    - For an analysis report using the built-in “Performance Test” program. You can determine the accuracy, uniformity, ramping rate from this performance test.

  • How often should the thermal cycler be calibrated?

    We recommend that a thermal cycler be calibrated annually. But if the results of any experiment is abnormal, we recommend that the temperature of the block be checked and the thermal cycle should be recalibrated.

  • What is the accuracy of TAS?

    The calibrator used in the thermal cycler calibration has its own accuracy. The accuracy of the TAS system is ± 0.1°C.

  • What should be done when the error message “The following probes are nearing re-calibration” pops up after installation of the TAS system?

    If this error message appears immediately after installation of the TAS system, it might be because the computer does not receive probe calibration data. Please copy the “Calibration data” file from the USB that was received with the TAS package to the “Calibration” file on C driver.

  • What is the “Performance Test” and how is it done?

    The Performance Test uses a pre-determined series of temperature steps to analyze the thermal performance of the cycler and provides the results of the analysis. To run a successful Performance Test, the thermal cycler must be programmed with the same designated steps as those of the test. Please contact us for more details.