BlueAmp 100Marker w/ FluoDye

BlueAmp 100Marker w/ FluoDye is a DNA ladder designed for direct loading onto unstained agarose gels. The ladder is supplied in a ready-to-use format containing the fluorescent and tracking dyes. There is no need for additional staining to visualize the ladder.


Features and Benefits

● No-post-staining process
● Direct loading onto your agarose gel for analysis
● Superior replacement for the ethidium bromide or SYBR® Green I


  • Direct Loading
  • Stain-free


  • Range
  • 100 - 3,000 bp
  • Number of bands
  • 12
  • Concentration
  • 90 μg / ml
  • Package
  • 54ug / 600ul
  • Recommended Load
  • 6 μl / well


Cat. No. Description Size Component
BRPR212-000000 BlueAmp 100 Marker w/FluoDye 100 rxn 1 x 600 ul



  • What volume should be used?

    Recommended: Direct loading of 6 μl per well onto agarose gel.

  • Should the Marker be mixed with loading dye before it is loaded onto the agarose gel?

    No. The BlueAmp 100Marker w/ FluoDye is a ready-to-use product. You can load 6 μl per well directly onto the agarose gel.