BluePette Electronic Pipettes

Single and Multichannel Electronic Pipettes

BluePette single and 8-channel electronic pipettes feature an ergonomic force-saving design, and 360。 revolving collar, reduce stress and fatigue from repetitive pipetting.


Features and Benefits


Automatic Switch-On Calibration

for high accuracy and precision

Unique Force-Saving Design

to reduce stress and fatigue from repetitive pipetting

360。 Revolving Collar

for greatest positioning comfort

9 Memory Settings

to save protocol set-up time

User-Friendly Interface

and easy-to-operate buttons

High Capacity Lithium Battery

for high stamina continuous use

5 Speeds for Aspiration and Dispensing

depending on liquid viscosity


Model Description Volume Range Increment Accuracy Rel. % (±) Precision Range Rel. CV % (≤)
B20-1 1-Channel BluePette Electronic Pipette 2 - 20 μl 0.1 μl 1 - 4 0.4 - 2.5
B200-1 1-Channel BluePette Electronic Pipette 10 - 200 μl 1 μl 0.6 - 2.5 0.15 - 1
B1000-1 1-Channel BluePette Electronic Pipette 100 - 1000 μl 1 μl 0.5 - 2.5 0.15 - 0.6
B20-8 8-Channel BluePette Electronic Pipette 2 - 20 μl 0.1 μl 1 - 4 0.5 - 2.5
B200-8 8-Channel BluePette Electronic Pipette 10 - 200 μl 1 μl 0.6 - 3 0.15 - 1


  • High-Capacity Lithium Battery
  • Standard AC-DC Adaptor and Optional Charger
  • B-STAND-3
  • Stand for 3 Units



  • How do I maintain the accuracy of the last dispense in the BluePette Multiple Dispense (MD) mode?

    To ensure high accuracy pipetting, please select Reverse Pipetting in System Mode (SYS) before performing Multiple Dispensing (MD).

  • How often should I calibrate BluePette?

    BluePette has an auto-calibration feature, which is executed every time it is turned on. We recommend that BluePette be sent back to our authorized distributors for calibration every 6 months, or after 100,000 pipetting cycles

  • What is the benefit of the Blow-out function?

    To prevent droplet retention on the orifice tip, we recommend selecting the Blow-out setting in System (SYS) mode for all your pipetting. In the Blow-out setting an additional 10 μl of air is purged in addition to your selected pipetting volume.

  • How do I autoclave the lower part?

    Please refer to the BluePette Operation Manual to disassemble the lower part which can be auto¬claved in one piece. Please wait 3-4 hours for it to air dry before reassembly and calibration. There is no spring inside BluePette, so autoclaving will not affect its accuracy and precision.

  • Why is BluePette so accurate and precise?

    The core engine of BluePette is a patented, high-precision step motor which enables BluePette to dispense with high accuracy and precision.

    Small step motors which control the rotation in very small angles are widely used in many high precision applications, such as digital cameras, scanners, and laser printers.

    With the patented auto-monitoring feature of the step motor, the BluePette not only performs accurate and precise dispensing, but can also monitor the mechanical operations of the device.

  • How is BluePette ergonomically designed?

    Some ergonomic designs implemented in the BluePette are listed below:
    ■ Handle: The BluePette handle was designed with reference to the human palm size database.
    ■ Balance: The weight of the lower-part and battery compartment is equally distributed on both sides of the handle. This design makes BluePette well-balanced, especially in the 8-channel model.
    ■ Buttons: Use your index finger to press the "START" button and your thumb to press the tip ejector. This design is less tiring and makes operation easy.
    ■ LCD Display: This faces the user so that it is easy to see which mode and action is in operation during pipetting.
    ■ Keypad: Made of soft rubber.
    ■ Quick Setup: Use the "START" button to substitute for the "Increase Volume" button, this speeds setup of the function modes.

  • How many pipetting cycles can be performed by a fully-charged BluePette battery?

    About 2,000 cycles.

  • What is the life span of the lithium battery?

    The battery can be recharged about 500 times.

  • What kind of quality assurance tests are done with BluePette?

    Some of the quality assurance tests done with BluePette are listed below.
    ■ Step Motor life test
    ■ O-ring life test
    ■ Buttons life test
    ■ Tip Ejector life test
    ■ Tip Fitting life test
    ■ Temperature Cycling test
    ■ Storage Temperature test
    ■ Vibration test
    ■ Drop test
    ■ Autoclave test
    ■ Lower Part Connection test

  • What kind of plastic materials are used in the housing of BluePette?

    The upper part of BluePette is made of ABS. The lower part is made of PP, except for the tip fitting, which is made of PVDF. The PP and PVDF plastics are both high-temperature and chemical-resistant materials. The piston is made of stainless steel.