The Trends, Applications, and Solutions for Live Cell Imaging - Webinar on Demand

Live cell imaging is the study of living cells using imaging systems involving microscopy and content analysis, which allows scientists to observe the dynamic changes of cell interactions in real time and over time, in order to provide critical insights into the operations of cells. Driven by new technologies and surging needs for drug discovery, stem cell, and other cell biology researches, the global live cell imaging market has quickly heated up in recent years and is expected to reach US$ 7 Billion by 2022, as forecasted by RNCOS in a report released in 2018.


The EzScope 101 Live Cell Imaging System is one of the products best exemplifying the up-to-date innovations of the next generation live cell imagining technology. No more hassles to remove cells from the incubator for observation, EzScope 101 brings 24/7 measurements under precisely controlled conditions. You can observe the samples anytime with walk-away convenience and further streamline research workflow with efficiency and productivity.


View our webinar on demand and learn more about: 


• The trend and applications of live cell imaging experiments
• Considerations for realizing long term real-time observation while keeping the cells alive
• How to choose a high-qualified live cell imaging system
• Introduction of EzScope 101




Jeffrey Lai

Product Manager, Blue-Ray Biotech