Sample Processing for Nucleic Acid Analyses

Sample processing is the backbone of nucleic acid analysis in biomedical research, and precision matters. In the age of high-throughput sequencing, we're talking about rapid, accurate, and reproducible handling. That's where automation steps in – ensuring both high efficiency and quality.


We're thrilled to share our insights again in an interview with BioCompare. In this article, our Product Manager, Jeffrey Lai, introduces the EzMate Automated Pipetting System, a good example of automation in sample processing.


Read More: https://www.biocompare.com/Editorial-Articles/599083-Sample-Processing-for-Nucleic-Acid-Analyses/

Learn More about EzMate Automated Pipetting System https://www.blue-raybio.com/en/category/product/EzMate-Automated-Pipetting-System


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