Meet TurboCycler 3: High-throughput Flexible PCR Thermal Cycler

TurboCycler 3 PCR Thermal Cycler

Blue-Ray Biotech, a professional developer and manufacturer of life science products, has added the TurboCycler 3 thermal cycler to its PCR product portfolio. TurboCycler 3 enables researchers to simultaneously run three distinct PCR protocols, standing out in its class for high-throughput PCR experiments, while efficiently handling a maximum of 3 x 48 samples. This makes it a perfect fit for those who need to do several high-quantity PCR reactions at the same time, or for experiments with diverse conditions.


Triple-Block Flexibility


“Core labs and reagent manufacturers often need to conduct multiple PCR protocols at the same time”. says Yaya Huang, Product Manager at Blue-Ray Biotech, “TurboCycler 3 is designed to meet this need.” TurboCycler 3 maximizes PCR throughput by handling 3 x 48 samples concurrently, and offers enhanced flexibility for independent experiments. The gradient conditions and ramp rate of each block can be separately adjusted to meet specific requirements.


Intuitive Operation and Continuous Reliability


TurboCycler 3 has a large 10.1” intuitive LCD touch screen that ensures effortless operation and programming. The complete independence of each of the three blocks guarantees uninterrupted operation even if a block is removed for calibration or for repair. These features unite to increase lab productivity and efficiency.


Blue-Ray Biotech's PCR portfolio, which includes conventional gradient PCR (TurboCycler2, TurboCycler Lite, TurboCycler 3), portable (MiniTurbo) and the real-time PCR model (TurboQ), is well recognized worldwide and has earned numerous citations in academic papers. TurboCycler 3 adds to this lineup by giving the researcher real flexibility for high-throughput PCR experiments.


For more information on the TurboCycler 3 PCR thermal cycler, please visit https://www.blue-raybio.com/en/category/product/TurboCycler-3-Thermal-Cycler


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