“Live Cell, Live Show - Live Cell Imaging Application Contest” With Targeted Lung Cancer Cell Study as the Winner

Blue-Ray Biotech Corporation, a professional molecular biology and cell instrument manufacturer, announced the result of “Live Cell, Live Show - Live Cell Imaging Application Contest” with its Taiwan distributor Tseng Hsiang Life Science Ltd. In this contest, Ms. Chia-Chi Fan of National Taiwan University was given the title of winner for the observation of the interaction of lung cancer cells with γδ T cells. Mr. Hao-Hsiang Hsu of National Tsing Hua University was given the second-place title for a suspended 3D tumorsphere chip. Mr. Ko-Chih Lin of National Chiao Tung University was given the third-place title for the application of a real-time in vitro bionic lung chip system observation. Ms. Fan was also elected as the most popular winner of the Online Vote.


The “Live Cell, Live Show - Live Cell Imaging Application Contest” was designed with awards for the top three attendees and Online Vote winner. In addition to the scholarships of NTD 6,000 to 30,000 and the certificate of merit, the winner’s laboratory also receives a free EzScope 101 Live Cell Imaging System. Since its launch this March, the contest has gone through screening, product trial, finals, and the online vote stages. The awardees were determined by the judging team by innovation, applicability, image quality, narration, and online popularity.


“Catch Me If You Can”, the experiment by the winner Ms. Fan, involves in the observation of epigenetic drug treatment on lung cancer cells, and the promotion of identification, attachment, and cytotoxicity of immunity cells on lung cancer cells. The judges commented that the work provides complete data and shows professionality with prolonged, careful observation, and recording of immunity reaction. Ms. Fan shared her experience with EzScope 101, “The compact size of the EzScope makes it suitable for placing in an incubator, allowing us to observe under an environment ideal for cell survival. In addition to real-time observation, we can also perform time-lapse overnight recording to gain a better understanding of cell morphology and save time. It is very convenient.”


Mr. Hsu’s (National Tsing Hua University) “3D Tumor Chip: Tumorsphere Formation and Drug Screening” is also a work masterfully done: a self-made suspended tumorsphere chip with tumor cell introduced and washed allowing cell aggregation that forms a 3D sphere to simulate tumor formation in approximately 1-2 days. From the video taken, we can see the whole process of tumorsphere formation. According to Mr. Hsu, the EzScope 101 realizes prolonged observation of live cells that was previously unavailable. It is convenient as it allows observation in an incubator and saves post-production time as its software provides sketching and calculation.


The third-place work “The Application of Real-time In Vitro Bionic Lung Chip System Observation” by Mr. Lin (National Chiao Tung University) is also one of the outstanding works. Aiming to solve the issue of great discrepancy between animal and clinical studies, he developed a chip-based bionic organ as a replacement for animal studies for more accurate and reliable pre-clinical data. According to Mr. Lin, the operations in his study were time-consuming and inconvenient, and there was a need to streamline the process to improve efficiency and productivity. With the EzScope 101 system, real-time remote observation (without taking the chip out of the incubator) of cell status is available, satisfying the need of process streamlining.


According to Blue-Ray Biotech, these awarded works fully demonstrate the features of the EzScope 101 Live Cell Imaging System, and present outstanding applications for cell researchers. The company feels sorry for the attendees not listed as the top three and believes their works are of high performance but were not chosen due to a limited award offer. Blue-Ray Biotech will contact awardees for further information, including prize money and product provision. Awardees are welcomed to contact Blue-Ray Biotech for any questions.


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