Enabling a Microscope in the Incubator, introducing the EzScope 101

Blue-Ray Biotech Corporation, a professional biotech instrument manufacturer, releases its innovative live cell imaging system, the EzScope 101. Based on the microscope in an incubator concept, the system enables researchers to observe cells in real time and over time without removing cells from the incubator. Its exceptional image quality perfectly meets the needs of cell imaging and time-lapse recording. The EzScope 101 helps streamline live cell research workflow with improved efficiency and productivity.

Incubator Live View

While cell samples are placed in a CO2 incubator so that they can be kept alive for long-term experiments, how to observe the cells in real time and over time has always been a concern. Featuring a compact size with reinforced construction, the EzScope 101 can fit into almost all CO2 incubators. It allows for connection of up to 4 units of devices in the same incubator, allowing for simultaneous multiple cell experiments monitoring with precisely controlled conditions, and thus substantially reduces errors caused by environmental variations.

Exceptional Image Quality

The EzScope 101 adopts a high contract brightfield optical configuration, providing high-quality images at affordable prices. Though most microscope-in-incubator imaging systems allow for rather low expandability, the EzScope 101 still manages to improve flexibility by providing two exchangeable lenses (10x, 20x). In addition, the EzScope 101 is one of the rare products on the market which comes with a motorized focusing feature so that users can remotely adjust the lens focus of the systems in incubators via a software-enabled dashboard installed on the computer.

Easy Image Editing

The EzScope comes with easy-to-use software, EzCapture. EzCapture not only allows users to build a dashboard for viewing and editing cells images, but also provides functions for analyzing results acquired by the cell-imaging device. With a single click on the function menu, users may easily implement cell coverage estimation, cell growth rate determination, and cell migration measurement, which are often applied in assays for wound healing, stem cell behaviors, and intra-vital studies.

Remote Monitoring of Experiment

Since EzCapture is based on a WINDOWS operating system, it is compatible with several third-party remote monitoring applications. Researchers may view the cell images in the lab or elsewhere, enjoying walk-away convenience and improved productivity.

Meet EzScope at LABVOLUTION 2019

The EzScope will be exhibited at Blue-Ray Biotech’s booth at Labvolution 2019. Visit the booth and learn more about the EzScope and other Blue-Ray Biotech products.

Booth Information:

  • Date: May 21-23, 2019
  • Location: Hannover Exhibition Center
  • Booth: Hall 20, Stand C15
  • Contact Blue-Ray Biotech: sales@blue-raybio.com
  • Labvolution Official Site: https://www.labvolution.de/home
For more information about EzScope 101 Live Cell Imaging System, please visit https://www.blue-raybio.com/en/category/product/EzScope-Live-Cell-Imaging-System

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