Important Update: Corporate Integration of Financial Operations

Arise Biotech Corporation, the parent company of Blue-Ray Biotech, announces that, in an effort to enhance operational efficiency and expand its business, it has integrated the group’s internal financial operation. Blue-Ray Biotech will use Arise Biotech's bank account for increased efficiency and alignment. This action will become effective immediately. Blue-Ray Biotech will remain committed to driving growth and excellence in the life science laboratory equipment market under its brand name.


If you have any questions about this announcement, please contact your Blue-Ray Biotech Sales manager representative or Ms. Kelly Chen, Accounting & Finance manager at Arise Biotech for assistance. Thank you very much!


Sales Manager (Taiwan, Europe, ROW)

Tony Chen



Sales Manager (US, Greater China, NE Asia, SE Asia, Middle East, NZ/AU)

Andrew Lin



Accounting & Finance manager

Kelly Chen