COVID-19, Blue-Ray Biotech Can Help!

From Nucleic Acid Extraction to Real-Time PCR, Accelerates COVID-19 Diagnostics Processes


COVID-19 solution workflow

As the number of new COVID-19 cases continues to increase globally, in addition to expecting the availability of effective vaccines, improving our capacity for the detection of the virus is the most effective strategy to prevent further spread.


Here at Blue-Ray Biotech we aim to provide reliable products to speed up COVID-19 detection to support researchers in the fight against the virus.


  • DNA/RNA Extraction

TurboFuge High-speed Microcentrifuge


  • Sample Preparation

BluePette Electronic Pipette

  • Sample Preparation

BlueSwan Pipette Controller


  • Automation of Sample Preparation

EzMate Automated Pipetting System


  • Real-Time PCR (qPCR)

TurboQ Real-time PCR system