Blue-Ray Biotech to Unveil MiniTurbo, an Effective and Portable Thermal Cycler

Blue-Ray Biotech_MiniTurbo PCR Thermal Cycler

Blue-Ray Biotech Corporation, a professional biotech instrument manufacturer, introduces a new thermal cycler, the MiniTurbo, into its PCR products family. Featuring high portability and compactness, openness, and usability, the MiniTurbo is the ideal choice for researchers who need to proceed PCR immediately after samples collection. With outstanding functionality, the cycler provides the same performance as conventional benchtop thermal cyclers in the market. Its applications range from regular PCR, reverse transcription PCR, to incubation. These features make the MiniTurbo widely applicable for use in the field, laboratories and classrooms. 


Outstanding Functionality


Based on the Peltier temperature cycling technology, the MiniTurbo thermal cycler provides excellent accuracy and uniformity at +/- 0.4 °C along with fast ramp rate, delivering the comparable quality results as conventional benchtop thermal cyclers in the market.


Portable and Compact


The MiniTurbo is extremely light in weight and compact in size. The unit (without power adapter) is 1 kg and its dimensions are only 104 mm x 136 mm x 102 mm. With the features, it can be easily carried from place to place.


Open System


Openness is extremely important for filed and educational applications. The open system design makes the MiniTurbo can be programmed easily and freely.


User Friendly


In addition, its operation is easy and convenient due to the all-in-one button design. The feature greatly reduces the learning curve for users. 


Blue-Ray Biotech has over 14 years of experience in thermal cyclers and offers a wide variety of models to satisfy different research needs.


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