Blue-Ray Biotech Debuts BlueAmp PCR Reagent Series

Blue-Ray Biotech Corporation, a professional life science company, today announces that it expands its PCR product offerings to include PCR reagents. The brand-new BlueAmp series includes PCR master mixes, non-mutagenic fluorescent reagents, and a DNA ladder with fluorescent and tracking dyes. The BlueAmp series’ optimized buffer system series makes them convenient, and ready-to-use and they are fully compatible with Blue-Ray Biotech TurboCycler and MiniTurbo PCR thermal cyclers.


With more than 16 years professional experience, Blue-Ray Biotech has developed a complete family of PCR instruments, ranging from MiniTurbo portable PCR thermal cycler, TurboCycler gradient 96-well thermal cyclers, to TurboQ real-time PCR system. As the quantity of instruments sold continues to grow, the company also invests more efforts in enhancing customer services. “With our vast experience in the PCR field, we fully understand the importance of reagents to PCR experiments. Thus, we invest many resources in developing reagents. To streamline daily routine PCR screening, we start by offering PCR master mixes and stain-free loading dye that do not need to perform a post-staining process. With the BlueAmp series, users can simplify the process from PCR to gel electrophoresis.” said Fred Chu, sales manager of Blue-Ray Biotech. Chu continues, “These products are our very first release, and more reagents will be introduced in the future.”


Current offerings of the BlueAmp series:

  • BlueAmp 2X PCR Mix: a cocktail of calculated amounts of Mg2+, dNTPs, and recombinant Taq DNA Polymerase for highly efficient amplification of nucleic acid templates by the PCR.
  • BlueAmp 2X PCR Mix w/ FluoDye: a pre-mixed solution containing Taq DNA polymerase, PCR buffer, dNTP, gel loading dyes, enhancer, and fluorescence dye. The mixture includes the gel loading dye, allowing user loading to gel for electrophoresis right after the PCR. Moreover, after electrophoresis, the gel is ready to detect by blue LED or UV illuminator since the mixture contains a fluorescent dye.
  • BlueAmp DNA SafeDye: a non-mutagenic fluorescent reagent that produces instant visualization of DNA bands upon blue light or UV illumination of agarose gels. Supplied in 6X DNA Loading Buffer, BlueAmp DNA SafeDye is used to prepare DNA markers and samples for loading on agarose or polyacrylamide gels.
  • BlueAmp 100Marker w/ FluoDye: a DNA ladder designed for direct loading onto unstained agarose gels. The ladder is supplied in a ready-to-use format containing the fluorescent and tracking dyes. There is no need for additional staining to visualize.


For more information about Blue-Ray Biotech BlueAmp series PCR reagents, please visit: https://www.blue-raybio.com/en/category/PCR-Reagent


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