Blue-Ray Biotech Aims to Enter Clinical Molecular diagnostics Market

Blue-Ray Biotech Corporation, a professional biotech instrument manufacturer, recently announced its devotion to becoming a solution provider of clinical Molecular diagnostics (MDx). By adding reagents to its offering and receiving the licenses to sell medical equipment, the company has set remarkable milestones for its strategic goal. In addition, Blue-Ray Biotech is enhancing its existing automated MDx Workflow, which includes an automated pipetting system and a qPCR system.


Since its establishment, the company's products have been mainly for academic nucleic acid and cell research applications. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company successfully assisted multiple testing laboratories in Europe, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Greater China to optimize qPCR sample preparation processes. In addition, the emerging business opportunities for MDx in oncology, prenatal, and other infectious diseases are the driving forces for Blue-Ray Biotech to apply for the license to sell medical equipment.


Blue-Ray Biotech expands its PCR product offerings to include PCR reagents. It currently offers PCR master mixes, non-mutagenic fluorescent reagents, and a DNA ladder with fluorescent and tracking dyes. Its reagent series' optimized buffer system series makes them convenient and ready to use, and they are fully compatible with Blue-Ray Biotech TurboCycler and MiniTurbo PCR thermal cyclers.


Blue-Ray is now solving the final puzzle to completing its current automated MDx workflow, which includes the EzMate Automated Pipetting System and TurboQ qPCR System. "Based on past successful experience, we understand the pain points of MDx users very well, and we aim to help them by providing a solution of a seamless automated MDx workflow. I am happy that we will soon achieve the goal," said Frank Wang, product manager of Blue-Ray Biotech.


About Blue-Ray Biotech Corporation


Blue-Ray Biotech aims to provide global life science laboratory researchers with innovative and reliable products to further accelerate the development of biotechnology. We devote ourselves to developing, manufacturing, and marketing cutting-edge equipment that can be widely adopted.


By a perfect combination of our core competencies which are electronics and biological technology, Blue-Ray Biotech has successfully introduced superior-performance and high-quality products including PCR thermal cyclersspectrophotometerlive cell imagingmicrocentrifuge and liquid handling products.


Our company is ISO-13485 certified. Our facility can handle small quantities and diverse production methods are available to meet different customization needs.


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