TurboFuge 高速微量离心机

大容量 高安全





1. 防上盖掉落保护

2. 坚固的金属内壁

3. 气密性金属转子盖

4. 智慧化不平衡检测

5. 电动上盖双重锁


TurboFuge 清晰的LED显示屏幕及图形指针让设置离心机操作更加简单直觉;您可轻松按下“SYSTEM”键调整各项功能参数

• 明显的蓝色/红色背光显示仪器运行状态
• 高亮度蓝色上盖开启指示






一个机台 弹性容量



  • Max. Speed
  • 15,000 rpm
  • Max. RCF
  • 21,400 xg
  • Max. Capacity
  • 36 x 1.5/2.0 ml
  • Available Rotors
  • 24/36-well for 1.5/2.0 ml tube
  • ACC/DEC Time
  • 15 s / 90 s
  • Ramps
  • 9
  • Timer
  • 30 s to 99 m, with continuous mode
  • Power Supply
  • AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 250 W Max
  • Dimensions (W x D x H)
  • 25 x 34 x 24 cm
  • Weight without Rotor
  • 10 kg
  • Certifications
  • CE, RoHS

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


  • AAMC-2410
  • TurboFuge with 24-well rotor/plastic lid
  • AAMC-2411
  • TurboFuge with 24-well rotor/metal lid
  • AAMC-3610
  • TurboFuge with 36-well rotor/plastic lid
  • AAMC-3611
  • TurboFuge with 36-well rotor/metal lid
  • R-2420F
  • Rotor 24 x 1.5/2.0 ml, Fix-angle
  • R-3620F
  • Rotor 36 x 1.5/2.0 ml, Fix-angle
  • RL-01
  • Plastic rotor lid
  • RL-02
  • Metal rotor lid, aerosol tight



  • How do I set the Speed and Time for a spin?

    Press the Speed button and rotate the knob to select the speed. Time is adjusted in the same way.

  • What does RCF mean? How do I convert RPM to RCF?

    RCF (Relative Centrifuge Force) is a measure of the centrifugal force exerted by the centrifuge. It can be calculated using the formula shown below:

    RCF or G-force = 1.12 x Radius x (RPM/1000)²

  • What does the “System” key on the front panel do?

    Pressing the System key gives access to five system settings, AUTO LID, ALM, SLOW, CP and SPIN.
    ● AUTO LID: When Auto-lid is selected, the centrifuge lid will open automatically at the end of a run.
    ● ALM: The alarm volume can be adjusted in ALM.
    ● SLOW: This function activates slow (soft) acceleration and deceleration of the motor. This is useful for experiments with sensitive reagents or samples. For an upgraded/standard model, there are 9/2 ramps for selection.
    ● CP: This is the count up function. When CP is on the system it will count the time after a run has been completed.
    ● SPIN: This allows the maximum speed reached during a Short/Spin to be set.

  • What is the function of the Auto-lid (AUTO LID)?

    When Auto-lid is on, the lid of the centrifuge will open automatically at the end of a run.

  • What is the function of the count up (CP)?

    This will tell you how long your sample stays in the chamber after a run has been completed.

  • What does Short/Spin do?

    The Short/Spin button starts the centrifuge running and it will continue to run as long as the button is held down. A short spin is usually used to collect the liquid in the tube. The short spin speed can be set in the System.

  • How is the Short/Spin speed adjusted?

    The Short/Spin speed is set via the System. Press “Speed” on the main screen. Turn the knob to the required speed and press enter. Then find the “SPIN” function in the “System” and select “On” to confirm.

  • Why is it necessary to hold the lid for half a second for the latch to close?

    This is a safety feature to ensure that the lid has been closed intentionally.

  • I feel air flow underneath the lid during centrifugation. Is that normal?

    Yes, it is normal. There is a cooling fan in the lid and the chamber is sealed when the lid is locked.

  • I can hear the fan running when the centrifuge is in idle mode, is that normal?

    Yes, it is normal. The fan in the centrifuge cools the chamber to prevent heat accumulation. The fan continues to run at a low speed when the rotor is not running.

  • What is the purpose of the ventilation slits on the top of the centrifuge lid?

    These slits allow excessive heat to escape when the centrifuge is running at a high speed and this keeps the heat in the chamber to a minimum.

  • Can I change the speed and time during centrifugation?

    Yes, you can change the speed and time during centrifugation.

  • Can I do a slow (soft) ramp in this centrifuge?

    Yes. You can set the centrifuge to 9 different ramps. The acceleration and deceleration times can be set from 15 to 90 seconds.

  • Will the temperature of the sample inside the chamber at maximum speed increase over time?

    The sample temperature (equivalent to the chamber temperature) will increase by no more than 12ºC above ambient temperature after 1 hour of centrifugation at maximum speed.

  • Does the centrifuge need calibration?

    No. The rotor is driven by a brushless DC motor that does not need calibration.

  • Does the centrifuge need regular maintenance?

    Yes, it does. Regular maintenance includes checks on possible chemical damage. It can extend the maximum operating life of the centrifuge.

  • What kind of maintenance is necessary?

    The rotor and chamber should be cleaned with a moist cloth and neutral detergents after use and on a weekly basis. In the event of a spill, or contamination of the rotor and chamber by aggressive liquids, it should be cleaned immediately. The rotor and lid can be autoclaved. But never autoclave the rotor with the lid attached.