Fully-Customized Operating Software of EzMate 401 Automated Pipetting System Makes Drug Screening Experiments More Efficient



  • Complicated and repeated pipetting process for drug screening experiment can be conducted on EzMate Automated Pipetting System
  • The fully customized operating software of EzMate 401 realizes lab automation. It helps save the protocol setting time by importing the data and producing the report automatically




Panlabs Biologics is a leading organization that offers bio-transformation services and supplies a microbial NP library for new drug discovery. Panlabs Biologics also has been investing in advance high-throughput technologies to assist in drug screening. However, the process of drug screening is a repetitive and complicated liquid handling process which is tedious and time consuming, with many chances of making mistakes.


Using  EzMate 401 Automated Pipetting System will not only save more manpower and time, but also improve accuracy and precision by avoiding human errors. Most importantly, with fully customized operating software of EzMate 401, it can even save the protocol setting time by directly importing the excel data and producing the report automatically. EzMate 401 is a truly helpful system in drug screening.




• Consumables and Reagents



2. 96-well plates

3. 96-deep well plates

4. 1.5 c.c. Eppendorf tubes

5. Customized chemicals


• Equipment:


4 units of  EzMate 401 with 1 channel

Automated Pipetting Module (APM)


Figure 1. A total of 4 units of EzMate 401 in the lab of Panlabs Biologics.




 1. Enter the protocol setting data into the Excel file


2. Open the customized operating software of  EzMate 401 and import the Excel file.



3. Check the chart and the parameters of protocol and press Run on the above photo.


Result and Conclusion


EzMate 401 automated pipetting system is the best solution to handle complicated and repeated pipetting process for drug screening experiments.  It will not only almost reduce the hands-on pipetting process, but also avoid human error arising from complicated experiments. Furthermore, with its fully customized operating software, it can save much more time from setting the protocol and just import the Excel file for running the program.


The results will also be produced automatically after finishing the program which will make it possible to immediately check if the experiments were run correctly. This liquid handling robot certainly makes a great improvement on accuracy and precision, as well as save time in drug screening experiments.




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