Sample Normalizations Performed by EzMate 401 Automated Pipetting System






The National Instrumentation Center for Environmental Management (NICEM) was established at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University on November 25, 1992 equipped with the centralized research facilities for agricultural and environmental sciences and biotechnology.


In NICEM, a great number of RNA and genomic DNA samples need to be normalized before PCR preparation. EzMate 401 Automated Pipetting System is an ideal tool to replace manual pipetting in this tedious and human error-prone experiment.


                                                  EzMate 401 at NICEM



Reagents and Consumables


  • RNA samples in 96-well PCR plate (concentrations are shown in table below)
  • Empty 96-well PCR plate
  • Distilled water (DW) in 8 ml bottle


The concentrations of RNA samples before normalization.







  1. RNA samples with various concentrations are adjusted to a final concentration of 30 ng/µl in a final volume of 20 µl using the Sample Normalization App of the EzMate 401.

  2. DW in 8 ml bottle is placed in area R2.

  3. RNA samples in 96-well PCR plate is placed in area A.

  4. Empty 96-well PCR plate is placed in area B.

  5. Tips are placed in area C and D.

  6. Sample Normalization experiment is performed by the EzMate 401.


Worktable for Sample Normalization


Result and Conclusion


Sample Normalization is a very complex and tedious process in which a lot of human errors are easily introduced by manual pipetting. EzMate 401 Automated Pipetting System dramatically reduces the hands-on time and provides an easier way to get precise data of sample normalization for PCR experiments.




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