Accelerate qPCR Setup for COVID-19 Diagnosis on EzMate 601s Automated Pipetting System



  • Increase speed and precision of preparing qPCR mastermix on EzMate 601s Automated Pipetting System for COVID-19 diagnostic tests

  • Customized method and labware layouts based on your application need


Customer's Request


During the pandemic of SARS-CoV-2, one of our customer is preparing the automation solutions for the diagnostic laboratories, including a viral RNA isolation and preparation of COVID-19 diagnostic tests based on Real-Time PCR. The company asked our help to prepare a complete methods and layout for qPCR Setup of their tests. The following are our suggestions.


Our Suggestions


1.Using EzMate 601s Automated Pipetting Sytem to prepare the Master Mix:


If the user would like to use liguid handling robot to prepare the Maser Mix (19 ul Super Mix + 1ul Enzyme Mix), the EzMate 601s Automated Pipetting System can be implemented to set up maximum 50 tests per run. (2 pieces of the Real Time RT-PCR Kit)


-Blue color: sample tubes (1.5/2ml tube)

-Purple color (1) (4):  Super Mix

-Purple color (2) (5): Enzyme Mix

-Purple color (3) (6): Tube for storing Master Mix (Super Mix + Enzyme Mix)

-Red color : PCR tube (8 or 12 strip tube)

-Green color: Tips


2.Prepare the Maser Mix manually :


If the user prefers preparing the Maser Mix (19 ul Super Mix + 1ul Enzyme Mix) manually, the EzMate 601s Automated Pipetting System can set up maximum 75 tests per run (3 pieces of the Real Time RT-PCR Kit)




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