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Product Information

MiniTurbo portable PCR thermal cycler is an ideal choice for researchers who need to proceed PCR immediately after samples collection. Featuring high portability and compactness, openness, and usability, the cycler provides the same performance as conventional benchtop thermal cyclers in the market. Its applications range from regular PCR, reverse transcription PCR, to incubation. These features make the MiniTurbo widely applicable for use in the field, laboratories and classrooms. 

Features and Benefits

  • Portable and Light Weight - The compact size and 1 kg weight make MiniTurbo wide applicable for use in the field, laboratories, and classrooms.
  • Outstanding Performance - Excellent accuracy and uniformity (+/- 0.4 °C) along with fast ramp rate allow MiniTurbo to provide the same quality performance as benchtop thermal cyclers.
  • Easy to Operate - All-in-one button makes the operation simple.
  • Fully Programmable - The open system is compatible with all programmed protocols.

Proven Temperature Control Effciency

MiniTurbo provides better uniformity results than benchtop thermal cycler.

Blue-Ray Biotech_MiniTurbo Thermal Cycler_comparison_01

Figure1. Results of 4 samples between MiniTurbo and benchtop thermal cycler Brand A.


MiniTurbo takes a similar amount of run time as benchtop thermal cyclers.

Blue-Ray Biotech_MiniTurbo Thermal Cycler_comparison_02

Figure2. Comparison of run time between MiniTurbo and benchtop thermal cyclers.




Sample Block
Sample BlockFixed 2x4 well Block, compatible with regular profile 0.2ml PCR tube
Block Temperature
Block Temperature Range25 - 99 °C
Max. Heating Rate5.5 °C/sec
Max. Cooling Rate3.4 °C/sec
Temperature Accuracy+/- 0.4 °C
Temperature Uniformity Across Block+/- 0.4 °C
Number of CyclesUnlimited
Number of StepsUnlimited
Open SystemApply to regular PCR, Reverse Transcription PCR, Incubation
ProgrammingVia PC software and writer
Heated LidYes, fixed 105 °C (pre-heat to 60°C)
Footprint Dimensions (H x W x D) 104 mm x 136 mm x 102 mm
Weight1.0 kg (without power adapter)
Power SupplyAC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 120 W
CertificationCE, RoHS
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

TCMI-0810MiniTurbo with 8-Well Sample Block
TCMI-a001MiniTurbo Writer
TCMI-a002Programmable Chip