Extended Care Programs
Thermal Cycler
Extended Care Programs
Extended Warranty, Calibration and On-Site Qualification Service for Thermal Cyclers

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Extended Care Programs

Aiming to provide innovative and reliable products and thus further accelerate the development of biotechnology, we understand how important precision, quality and long-term functional reliability of Blue-Ray Biotech thermal cyclers means to you. Our worldwide service network assists you throughout the life of the instrument, ensures its operational readiness with regular maintenance, and acts quickly and dependably whenever you need our support.

Extended Warranty

All Blue-Ray Biotech thermal cyclers comes with a free 2-year manufacturer’s warranty which applies to repair and replacement of devices that have failed under normal operating conditions due to material or manufacturing defects.

To protect your investment up front, our Extended Warranty program offers up to an additional 3 years at the same high service level of our manufacturer’s warranty. With the program, you safeguard your investment and no longer need to worry about unpredictable service fees.

  • Original manufacturing factory repair guaranteed
  • Free of materials and workmanship
  • Unlimited access to technical support
  • Free software and firmware upgrades
  • Coverage options: 1-year, 3-year

Calibration Service

Just like all thermal cyclers in the market, the performance of the heating/cooling elements used may decrease overtime. As a result, continuous monitoring temperature variations are important. For all researches, clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories that meet ISO or GMP or other standards, annual validation and calibration of instruments are mandatory. Performing calibration requires experiences and may need to utilize professional tools. To save your time and offload the burden on your staff, we offer send-in and on-site calibration services.

  • Comprehensive accuracy and quality checks
  • Perform complete calibration procedures if any measurement from check item is out of specification.
  • Calibration report and certificate of the calibrated instrument
  • On-site calibration service option is available

On-Site Qualification Service

Instrument qualification is generally in demand for both clinical and pharmaceutical development and pure research laboratories. Blue-Ray Biotech’s on-site qualification service helps maximize productivity and turnaround time of your instrument and satisfy specific reporting needs. The service covers full 3Q services, namely Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ). The services are performed by the best, certified engineers from our worldwide distributors. They follow standard qualification protocol guidelines and perform the procedures with highly trained knowledge and skills.

  • IQ: Ensures that the instrument has been installed in accordance with standard steps and safety regulations
  • OQ: Checks the specifications of the listed parameters and confirms correct functionality of the instrument
  • PQ: Verifies that the instrument is working reproducibly within a specified working range. Ensures accuracy and precision of instrument

Extended Warranty
ECEW-TC011-year extended warranty option for Blue-Ray Biotech Thermal Cycler
ECEW-TC033-year extended warranty option for Blue-Ray Biotech Thermal Cycler
Calibration Service
ECCA-TC011-year send-in calibration services for Blue-Ray Biotech Thermal Cycler
ECCA-TC021-year on-site calibration certification for Blue-Ray Biotech Thermal Cycler (1 calibration per year)
Qualification Service
ECQA-TC0111-year on-site services for installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ), and performance qualification (PQ) for Blue-Ray Biotech Thermal Cycler (1 on-site qualification per year)