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Blue-Ray Biotech Introduces the BluePette Electronic Pipette Series

The BluePette provides precise pipetting and force-saving ergonomic design, reduces stress and fatigue from repetitive pipetting.

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Blue-Ray Biotech Introduces TurboCycler Lite, an Economical Gradient Thermal Cycler with Versatile Capabilities

The TurboCycler Lite offers versatile capabilities at an affordable price, making it an ideal choice for researchers' routine PCR tasks.

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Blue-Ray Biotech Unveils a New Gradient PCR Thermal Cycler, TurboCycler 2

The TurboCycler 2 is designed to greatly enhance PCR efficiency and accuracy for laboratory researchers.

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Blue-Ray Biotech Expands Business into International Markets Actively

Potential distributors are invited to contact us for discussions about the partnership.

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Visit of Southeast Asian Distributors

A successful sales visit to Thailand and Indonesia

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