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Blue-Ray Biotech Unveils a New Gradient PCR Thermal Cycler, TurboCycler 2

Taipei, Taiwan –November 16, 2017 Bue-Ray Biotech Corporation, a professional biotech instrument manufacturer, introduces its new gradient PCR thermal cycler, the TurboCycler 2. Featuring high intuitiveness, high temperature accuracy and uniformity as well as the Wi-Fi option, the TurboCycler 2 is designed to greatly enhance PCR efficiency and accuracy for laboratory researchers.

The TurboCycler 2 is equipped a 7" color capacitive touchscreen and a friendly graphics user interface. The considerate design makes its operation easy and highly intuitive. With its up to 5.5°C/sec fast heating ramp rate, quick boot-up and gradient PCR optimization, the TurboCycler 2 greatly improves PCR processing efficiency and accuracy. The excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity ensure the most reliable PCR results. An optional Wi-Fi module enables users to monitor the working status anytime via mobile devices.

Features and benefits of the TurboCycler 2:

Intuitive Operation Experience:

  • The sensitive 7" capacitive touchscreen enables easy operation even with laboratory gloves on
  • The built-in tools allow easy Tm calculation, copy number conversion and master mix preparation
  • The simple conversational graphic user interface makes adjustment of experiment temperature, time and cycle easy

Efficient Remote Monitoring:

  • The optional Wi-Fi module allows monitoring PCR run status anytime via mobile devices using the free TurboApp

Outstanding Performance:

  • Fast heating ramp rate up to 5.5 °C /sec
  • Excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity (+/- 0.3 °C)
  • 12-section gradient temperature range from 1 to 24.9 °C for PCR optimization
  • The quick boot-up takes only 45 seconds

Highly Flexible Design:

  • The compact A4 footprint allows side-by-side placement of units to save bench-top space
  • Easy-to-operate heated lid design, compatible with most of the PCR vessels on the market
  • Power failure recovery keeps the experiment safe
  • USB port support for protocol transfer

Backed up by strong in-house R&D, manufacturing, and quality assurance capabilities, Blue-Ray Biotech is dedicated to providing biotechnology researchers with high-quality, user-friendly and innovative instruments. Blue-Ray Biotech's extensive experience in the biotech instrument industry has won wide customer recognition. Its product lines include PCR thermal cycler, pipette controller, and micro-centrifuge. Worldwide potential distributors are invited to contact Blue-Ray Biotech for future business cooperation.

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About Blue-Ray Biotech Corporation

Blue-Ray Biotech aims to provide global biotechnology researchers with innovative and reliable products to further accelerate the development of biotechnology. We devote ourselves to developing, manufacturing, and marketing cutting-edge equipment that can be widely adopted.

By a perfect combination of our core competencies which are electronics and biological technology, we have successfully introduced superior-performance and high-quality products for liquid handling and DNA amplification and purification. Our product lines include PCR thermal cycler, pipette controller, and micro-centrifuge.

Our company is ISO-9001&ISO-13485 certified. Our facility can handle small quantities and diverse production methods are available to meet different customization needs.


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