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“Better Equipment, Better Research”

Blue-Ray Biotech aims to provide global biotechnology researchers with innovative and reliable products to further accelerate the development of biotechnology. We have devoted ourselves to developing, manufacturing, and marketing cutting-edge equipment that can be widely adopted.

By a perfect combination of our core competencies which are electronics and biological technology, Blue-Ray Biotech has successfully introduced superior-performance and high-quality products for liquid handling and DNA amplification and purification.

Our company is ISO-9001 and in addition to improving product R&D capabilities, we invest in manufacturing and quality control on a continuous basis. Our facility can handle small quantities and diverse production methods are available to meet different customization needs.

Blue-Ray Biotech-Our Advantage

Why choose Blue-Ray Biotech?

For end-users, you can count on our products which are designed for high performance and quality. The experienced engineers and product managers with research-background ensure our products are reliable and meet the users’ needs.

For distribution partners, the philosophy of growing with our partner is embedded in our blood. We insist to maintain a long-term partnership with our global business partners by listening their feedbacks of our products and market and sharing the growth opportunities and profit together. To become a successful young company, we understand we not only must be very flexible to adapt the market trend, but also need good distribution partners .

Why choose Blue-Ray Biotech ?